21 Facts About Me

  1. I am from Long Island, NY (yes I live near the beach, and I think we have the best bagels)
  2. I have an older brother; he’s one of my biggest inspirations
  3. My birthday is July 11th (7/11), but I do not like slurpees from 7-11
  4. I danced competitively from the time I was six-years-old until I was 18
  5. Currently, I am at The University of Delaware learning how to be a teacher
  6. During undergrad I am a part of: a service sorority, a social media program run by my university, multiple programs that fight pediatric cancer  
  7. I can quote every word from “Frozen”
  8. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees (Jorge Posada was my favorite player)
  9. Army Football is my favorite college team to watch
  10. My favorite color switches between yellow and pink depending on the day
  11. I am obsessed with the coffee shop @Saxby’s (the workers officially know me and my order)
  12. My nails need to be painted at all times
  13. I crave eel avocado rolls everyday, and I HATE ketchup
  14. No matter how many pairs of sunglasses I own, I always want to buy more
  15. Jamie Tworkowski is my favorite author
  16. I think “No Control” is the most underrated One Direction song
  17. I prefer Spotify over Apple Music
  18. Traveling to Greece is a mission of mine
  19. Buying planners and school supplies is one of my obsessions
  20. A dream job of mine is to work for the brand Love Your Melon
  21. One day I want to start a nonprofit organization that supports families whose children are battling cancer
My big brother and I!
This is from my last dance competition!
Celebrating UD!