2020 has been quite the year. I know, we are barely four months in…

I was traveling to and from Colorado recently. Many people might be asking, “why would you fly from New York to Colorado during such unsure times?” The quick answer is- my boyfriend is getting deployed for nine to eleven months, and this was time we were able to be together before he leaves. I am going to be really honest when I say this next sentence. I have been living my life with a day to day basis. We are all experiencing a time where a lot of information is unknown. I am coping with the ideas of “not knowing everything” by enjoying the day I am currently living in. So yes-  I decided to get on the flights to see someone I care about.

While sitting on a flight with no working Wi-Fi, I began thinking about some of the most important things in my life right now (as one typically does when they are unable to browse through Instagram). I thought about my loved ones, the kids I teach, and my health. Those are all REALLY BIG things that I feel thankful for each day. But what about the small things? Shouldn’t we be thankful for those things as well? I came up with a list of ten things I never want to take for granted.

  1. The comfort you feel when you are hugged by someone you love
  2. The feeling when you accomplish something you didn’t think you could (for me, this was going on a hike)
  3. The sound of waves hitting the ground
  4. How the sky changes colors so effortlessly during the sunrise/ sunset
  5. The feeling of clean, cool sheets right after you take a hot shower   
  6. How a fresh pot of coffee feels like a warm hug
  7. The overall concept of FaceTime
  8. The unconditional love I get from my parents (you wouldn’t believe the number of times I call them at 1am and they answer)
  9. Having the ability to learn anything you want within a few minutes of a Google search
  10. Knowing that at any moment, something really amazing could happen

I hope you all have things in your life that make you feel grateful. And I hope you remember to have gratitude not only when times are great, but also when things feel hard. Even during times like these, remember to have hope. Something amazing is around the corner. I hope you’re with me to experience it.