Hi friends. So I have made a big decision. I want this blog to be a place to talk about REAL things going on in my life. I want to start writing one post a day about what is happening. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that social media tells someone’s whole story. There is a lot more to a person than what you see on their IG page.

Each day I want to focus on one aspect from the day, good or bad. This is a place to express what is going, and create a place for open communication about the good and bad things happening in your lives too.

Today, I want to focus on change. I don’t think many people like change, big or small. I am 22, and this is a large period of life changes. I have recently graduated from college and started my masters degree, I am looking for a “big girl” job, and my loved ones are moving across the country. It isn’t always easy to deal with ONE change let alone all of these. This past week I had a HUGE change. Someone really close to me has moved TWO TIME ZONES away. It isn’t easy, yesterday was hard. But I realized something…

You can’t control change. The only thing you have control of is how you react. I can cry and be in my bag about it, OR I can focus on what is in my control. I can focus on what I can do to make the move easier for both of us. I can focus on the next time we will be together. I can focus on the exciting things I have going on between today and when we see each other again.

Change is inevitable, and I don’t think it will be ever be something I LOVE. But, I can learn how to better adapt. Change can be scary, but it can also lead to beautiful new things. Today I am choosing to focus on all the good.