Dear 12-year-old me,

You should be really proud of yourself. You have accomplished some really amazing things. To start, you graduated from your DREAM college, and you’re almost finished with your master’s! You’re going to be able to work with kids. They’re going to teach you as much as you teach them. It’s a good thing.

You will meet a few frogs, but I promise you will meet a really cool guy. Be thankful for every second you have together. It might seem hard sometimes, but you are strong and it will be okay. Stay positive.

You will lose some of your best friends. I want you to know, it will hurt, and you will cry. But you will open the door for the most amazing people. Your first college roommate will be your forever friend. Some old friendships will fade, but some will be made stronger over time. Trust your gut.

You are going to learn a lot about mental health. Lean into this. Use your difficult times to help others. You will always feel better when you can leave others with a smile. Stay strong. And always, ALWAYS be proud of yourself.

Love, MG