I have recently starting to live my life with gratitude. It is easy to get wrapped up in life’s hectic moments, but I choose to find an appreciation for things that a lot of people overlook. I wanted to make a list of 22 of these things…

  1. Sunrises
  2. Coffee that is the perfect temperature
  3. Pouring the right amount of milk for cereal
  4. New movies
  5. Hearing an old song you forgot all about but LOVE
  6. Putting your hair in the perfect messy bun
  7. Conversations with old friends
  8. Your favorite sports team winning
  9. The color red
  10. FaceTime
  11. Carpool Karaoke (yes- with James Corden)
  12. Singing in the shower
  13. Someone holding the door
  14. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts
  15. A colleague appreciating something you did
  16. NY pizza
  17. Disney +
  18. Quotes that make being human feel less scary
  19. Hugs from a loved one
  20. Home cooked meals
  21. Road trips
  22. New opportunities