Granted This Life

I want to start off by saying hi! Somehow you stumbled across this page. You will soon learn that I don’t think many things “happen by accident”; there is a reason you got here!

I started Granted This Life as a place to talk about topics that are relevant in my life, such as: family and friends, sports, school and the job search, and most importantly mental health. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and learning from those reading along as well. I want this blog to feel like a conversation with a friend. If you need support, a laugh, some insight, or just a little compassion, I am always here.

Things to know about me:
– I am a 22- year- old graduate from The University of Delaware. I love UD but Long Island is the place I call home.
– I studied Elementary Teacher Education (yes- I am obsessed with school supplies).
– When I was younger, my dream was to become a photographer; now I dream of changing children’s lives by teaching them math CAN be fun!
– I am passionate about fighting to end childhood cancer.
– I LOVE the Yankees.
– Lastly, over the past year I have been focusing on improving my mental health. I think it is important to talk about, and I am excited to share my feelings and learn more.